iPad in the Classroom

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  • Special Education
    • TouchTrainer* – App for working with students who have Autism or Down Syndrome
    • Proloquo2Go* – communication solution for people who have difficulty speaking.

  • Accessibility Features
    • Go to Settings > Choose General > Accessibility
      • VoiceOver – When turned on, this tool serves as a screen reader for visually impaired students. Speaking rate can be altered to fit needs of learner. Braille settings can be configured if a Bluetooth Braille device is attached.
      • Zoom – magnifies the entire screen
      • Large Text – makes text larger in contacts, mail, and notes app
      • White on Black – changes contrast settings for students with visual impairments. Creates a photo-negative appearance.
      • Speak Auto Text – voice provides suggestions while typing for formatting and misspelled words.
      • Speak Selection – When turned on, you can highlight text in iBooks and other applications and have passages spoken out loud.
      • Closed Captioning – go to Settings > Video > Closed Captioning
      • Guided Access - allows you to setup iPad so that students may only use one app at a time.

iPad Accessories

Here are some of the things you'll need and possibly some that you don't, but will want for your iPad...

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